When We Can

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Two months ago at our Annual Celebration, we gave thanks for your generous gifts over the past three years to More to Come and Still More to Come. Through God’s abundance and your sacrificial gifts, we as a church family paid off our Family Center debt, funded the Worship Center remodel, and gave to a variety of mission projects. We praise God for all that He enabled us to do!

In our continuing quest to improve and enhance our facilities and ministry resources, on November 1 we launched a new fund called When We Can. This fund, like More to Come, will enable us to do projects which cannot be paid for through our general fund.

Funds given to When We Can will make it possible for us to do a number of further ministry-related projects, beginning with:

  1. Worship Center façade and gathering patio
  2. Remaining audio/visual equipment for the Worship Center
  3. Worship Center “Green Room” remodel and furnishings
  4. New bus
  5. Updated carpet and flooring

When do we hope to get these projects done? When we can! How much will these projects cost? We don’t have the final cost projections yet, but they will likely be around $300,000. We will begin working through these projects as the money comes in. Until then, we’ll be making plans so we’ll be ready to go when we can!

You’re encouraged to give to When We Can when you can, but please do not take money from your normal general fund giving and direct it to When We Can. If that happens, we won’t be able to fund our normal ministries, let alone these new ministry opportunities.

As God blesses you, please make When We Can a giving option and priority in your giving. Lord willing, we will soon be able to fund these projects and others that may come our way in the near future.
Thank you,

Pastor Dave