When We Can

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If you’re looking to help the ministries of Bridges Community Church in areas of financial need that are not funded by our General Fund giving, please consider contributing to our When We Can fund.


This Past Year We Purchased a New Shuttle Bus

In the past year our contributions to When We Can made it possible for us to purchase the shuttle bus pictured here. This vehicle is a welcome addition to all of our ministries – from children through adults. If you have donated to When We Can in the past, please accept our sincere thanks for your contributions that made it possible to buy this much-needed ministry resource that is getting a lot of use – both locally and around the state.


This Summer We’d Like to Improve Campus Security

Over the past year we’ve developed a new facility security plan for both Los Altos Christian Schools and Bridges Community Church. This summer we hope to begin installing security upgrades in the buildings used by our schools. Then, when we have the additional funds needed, we’d like to make similar security upgrades in the rest of our Bridges buildings.

Currently the projected cost of the initial LACS security upgrades is $180,000. The cost of the additional security measures, which will be funded by When We Can, are still being gathered.


Plans Are Almost Completed For Our New Gathering Patio and Worship Center Façade

It’s been a long time coming, due to other projects that were given higher priority, but we are just about ready to remodel our patio with new and improved gathering areas, and to remodel the worship center façade.

We think the new ideas look great! Once we get the finalized plans we’ll make them available so you can tell us what you think. We’re hoping to keep the entire project under $500,000. And it will be worth every dollar!


A Number of Other Projects Are Also Waiting For When We Can Funding

Everyone has a wish list and we have ours. Especially as it concerns improving our facilities and ministries. Lord willing, after the above projects are completed, we hope to fund:

  1. Deferred audio/visual equipment for the Worship Center
  2. Remodeling and furnishing a Worship Center “Green Room”
  3. Replacing carpet and flooring in several rooms on our campus


We’d love to have you give to When We Can, but please do not divert your giving from your normal giving to our General Fund. If that occurs, we won’t be able to fund our normal ministries, let alone these new ministry opportunities.

As God blesses you, please make When We Can a part of your joyful and sacrificial giving. Lord willing, we will soon be able to fund these projects and others that may come our way in the near future.