When We Can

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If you’re looking to help the ministries of Bridges Community Church in areas of financial need that are not funded by our General Fund giving, please consider contributing to our When We Can fund.


Patio Project to Begin Soon

After more than two years of praying, waiting, planning, and giving, we are close to beginning work on a new gathering patio that will extend from the front of the Worship Center to the creek. You may ask, “Why do we need this new and larger patio?” The best answer is, “For safety!” Unfortunately, the deteriorating condition of our front patio has become a safety hazard with many people tripping. Someone even tripped and fell and broke a wrist. Thankfully, she was not hurt worse, but it did set in motion a plan to remedy the problem.

A local architect has graciously provided a plan for a beautiful new gathering space out in front of our Worship Center. The plans have been submitted to the City of Los Altos, and we have the contractor ready to start working as soon as the permit is issued.

There are three ways you can help.

– Pray that the permit will be issued asap so that work can begin.
– Give toward When We Can. These funds will go toward the completion of the patio project. A total of around $75,000-$100,000 additional dollars will help meet this need and enable us to complete other asphalt repairs that are located in close proximity to the patio. Click here to donate online.
– Plan ahead for giving yourself extra time to get in and out of the Worship Center once the work begins. This project could take three months, depending on weather, and the routes into the Worship Center will vary depending on the project’s progress.

Once again we thank God for what this new gathering patio will mean to our ministries and pray that much good will come out of the work that will be done.


Campus Security Improvements Continue

This past summer, security upgrades were installed in the buildings used by Los Altos Christian Schools. In time, when funds permitted, we hoped to make similar improvements to the rest of our Bridges Community Church buildings. We are happy to announce that the funds needed to complete these additional security improvements were given and the final work on this project will be starting soon.


10% of Gifts Given are Donated to Global Mission Needs

So far through our When We Can donations we have funded the construction of a sportscourt in Hokushin, Japan. This sports court (see picture at right) is supporting the youth ministry of the Hokushin Calvary Church in an area that was devastated by an earthquake in 2011.


Additional Projects Awaiting Donations

Everyone has a wish list and we have ours. Especially as it concerns improving our facilities and ministries. Lord willing, after the above projects are completed, we hope to fund through When We Can:

  1. Exterior improvements on our Worship Center building
  2. Deferred audio/visual equipment for the Worship Center
  3. Remodeling and furnishing a Worship Center “Green Room”
  4. Replacing carpet and flooring in several rooms on our campus


We’d love to have you give to When We Canbut please do not divert money from your normal giving to our General Fund. If that occurs, we won’t be able to fund our normal ministries.

As God blesses you, please make When We Can a part of your joyful and sacrificial giving. Lord willing, we will soon be able to fund these projects and others that may come our way in the near future.