How We’re Staying Connected

While we are recording our worship services and offering them online HERE, this is a strange time of minimal social interaction for all of us. So here are some ways for us to stay connected and stay up to date on what’s happening in the Bridges family.

Friday Round Up – August 14

Giving Update

Periodically we want to provide an update regarding the financial health of the church relative to the budget that we approved in September. Here are the results so far:

As of 8/9/2020:

General Fund Giving Actual Budgeted Surplus (shortfall)
Month-to-Date $49,438 $72,382 ($22,944)
Year-to-Date $1,671,255 $1,718,426 ($47,171)

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact

Online Groups

Some of our BCC Life Groups have started using online video conferencing tools, and we want to help your group do that as well.


Group Leader Email Meeting Time
Deeper Roots Dave Stenfort Sun, 9:00am
Eagles Wings Fritz Mueller Sun, 9:00am
AIM (Adventures in Marriage) Dan Stockum Sun, 10:00am
Common Need Tim Colvin Sun, 10:45am
Alpha Kara Al Kruger Sun, 11:00am
Common Ground Pat Rossler Sun, 11:00am
Mariners Mel Rosowski Sun, 11:00am
Reflections Laura Rodolari Sun, 11:00am
GriefShare Charlie Mason Mon, 6:30pm
Book Discussion Steve Durand Mon, 8:30pm
YoPros Dan Stockum Tues, 8:00pm
Men’s Bible Study Bob Maldewin Wed, 9:00-11:00am
Prayer Gathering Dave Gudgel Wed, 12:00-12:45pm
High School Ministry Dave Kellejian Wed, 7:30-8:30pm
College Dan Stockum Fri, 3:00pm
Global Intercessors Mel Rosowski 2nd Tues./mo.
Mel’s Missional Community Mel Rosowski 3rd Mon./mo.

Here are some online meeting resources:

  • Zoom – an online video conferencing tool available on a smartphone or a computer with a webcam
  • – Apple FaceTime – a native function on any Apple iPhone or Apple MacBook paired with an iPhone
  • Google Hangouts – an online video conferencing tool available on a smartphone or a computer with a webcam
  • – 3-way conference call on your smartphone, cell phone, or landline

If you need help with any of these tools, please email

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with one another and continue our great discussions usually held at church on Sunday mornings. Let’s use this time to connect with one another in new and creative ways, be blessings to our neighbors, and remember that “The Church” isn’t the buildings we meet in on Sundays. It’s all of us, in this area and around the world, who are followers of Jesus.