Student Ministries


Middle School Ministries aka MSM
(Grades 6 – 8)

Becoming a teen brings up tons of questions and new challenges, and we need God’s help to figure it all out. That’s why we join with other students to see what God has to say about life, relationships, and how it all fits together.


High School Ministries aka HSM
(Grades 9 – 12)

It’s a lifelong journey to sort out how we fit into the world and God’s plan. We’re all trying to answer the same questions, and God’s got a lot to say.  Here’s a space to discover His answers and talk about what to do with them.



Core Values

We believe that to grow spiritually healthy families, parents must be equipped to be the primary nurturers of their student’s faith (Deuteronomy 6), that the faith community needs to play a supportive role in this endeavor (Ephesians 4), and that we must remain dependent on the Holy Spirit to bring about spiritual growth and formation when and as he chooses (Philippians 2:13).

Tru Philosophy

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We use an engaging web-based curriculum called “Tru” by David C. Cook to show them that the Bible and even our lives today are united in one story – the Big God Story.



Perfectly One

Starting Sunday, February 4th, Student Ministries will be joining in the forty days study on unity in the church.  We will be connecting with God and His Word through lessons during this time that will complement the message they hear in service.  A good portion of our lessons will be based off the same material the adults will be exploring in their life groups.  In addition to our Sunday morning study, students will be encouraged to participate in a daily age appropriate devotional.  This devotional is accessible below by week.  Parents – you are welcome and encouraged to view the devotional material so that you can follow along with your student(s).  The all church devotional guide books will also be made available to your student(s) if you prefer to go through that as a family.

We are looking forward to see what God will do over the next forty days.

Week 1 Devotionals (Begins February 5, 2018)

Week 2 Devotionals (Begins February 12, 2018)

Week 3 Devotionals (Begins February 19, 2018)

Week 4 Devotionals (Begins February 26, 2018)

Week 5 Devotionals (Begins March 5, 2018)

Week 6 Devotionals (Begins March 12, 2018)