Prayer Teams

They Devoted Themselves to Prayer

Bridges Community Church is a church committed to prayer and we are asking that you join with us. Below are three different prayer teams, and their descriptions, that you can sign up to be on.

Urgent Prayer Needs

From time to time, individuals contact the church office with urgent prayer requests. By joining this prayer team, you are committing to pray for these requests when they occur. An email will be sent to all subscribers of this list when requests come along. The requestor of prayer will be aware that there are people in the church that will pray and therefore the requests should not be confidential in nature.

Weekend Watch

At the end of each week, Pastor Dave will email this prayer team a list of key ministry activities planned for the weekend.

Pastor’s Prayer Team

Each Monday, members of this prayer team will receive an email from Pastor Dave requesting prayer for specific activities, events or meetings that he has scheduled during the upcoming week.

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