Life Groups

Why join a Life Group?
It’s simple. Life’s a journey. The happiest people walk the road with others. You can find your own traveling companions in a Life Group.

What Happens in a Life Group?
People just like you come together each week in a relaxed setting to share their lives, their insights into the Bible, and their gifts and talents for serving Jesus Christ.

Do I need to sign up for Life Group?
No. Just start attending any Life Group you like.

When and where do Life Groups meet?
Our thirteen Life Groups meet at 9:00AM or 10:45AM on Sunday mornings.


Room 525, 9:00AM
Come join a group of young married couples for a great time of sharing, discussion, learning from one other, and getting to know other young couples at Bridges. Engaged couples welcome!

Deeper Roots: Parents of teens and preteens
Room 521, 9:00AM
Parents of teens and preteens are welcome – no matter what your age is! We have a great time of study and discussion while navigating parenting together.

Eagles Wings: Ages 40-50+
Room 524, 9:00AM
Married and previously married with kids of all ages. We study God’s word; enjoy service projects, monthly socials, small group fellowship and great refreshments.


Alpha Kara: Ages 50+
Room 220, 10:45AM
Singles or married, with or without teenage or adult children, coming together to study God’s Word, grow in His Truth, and prayerfully support one another in a relaxed, friendly environment where sharing thoughts/ideas/questions is encouraged.

Ambassadors: Ages 70+
Room 211, 10:45AM
The Ambassador Life Group is a senior group at Bridges and concentrates its organization and activities around caring for each other’s needs with weekly updates in what we call our Watchcare Report. A very large concern and emphasis is on supporting various missionaries around the world with prayer and financial donations. We seek out teachers who provide us with study and discussions of biblical topics each Sunday morning. We enjoy social activities such as breakfasts, luncheons, Mount Hermon concerts, DVD showings, games and the like.

Common Ground: All ages
Room 210, 10:45AM
Common Ground welcomes any (and all!) age groups, couples, and singles.  Through Scripture, prayer, lively interactive discussion, and with hearts for God, this class shares its many points-of-view, always seeking to discern the will, the grace, and the love of God.

Common Need
The Zone (Room 516), 10:45AM
Common Need is a group of people at Bridges Community Church who are originally from outside the Bay Area. We embrace the cultural diversity of Silicon Valley and look to Jesus Christ and His teachings as we and our families adjust to and grow through the unique challenges of this multicultural environment.  Everyone is welcome!

Crusaders: Ages 65+
Room 522, 10:45AM

Harvesters: Ages 60+
Room 524, 10:45AM
An active friendly group who enjoy fellowship and social events with one another. They appreciate good Bible teaching. They support one another in prayer and needs. They stay connected to the needs of our missionaries and give financial support for various projects.

Mariners: Ages 60+
Room 525, 10:45AM
An active, friendly group of adults in their 60’s (+/-) who enjoy their time together as they study and grow in God’s Word, share and support through prayer, seek to serve the Lord in various ministries and projects, and connect through fellowship both spontaneous and planned.

Reflections: All Ages:
Room 521, 10:45AM
Singles, single parents, married couples, and couples with children meet for biblical teaching and for periodic social events and ministry projects. We enjoy meeting new people and strive to make them feel welcome.


Whom do I contact with questions about Life Groups?
Contact Evelyn Sigg in the church office at 650-948-5698 x116. Evelyn Sigg
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