Missions Moment – Tanzania

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Steve and Carol Lyons, ReachGlobal, Training Teachers to be Church Planters


Thank you to all who responded to our last letter’s news of Steve’s birthday. For days you kept him reading your birthday greetings and memories about past days together! Altogether, it was a fitting 70th year celebration. To the right, our table at the birthday party – just a sampling of the 53 people who attended.

Our TIMO Team. . . is quickly drawing to an end! Over the course of almost 2 years they have been ‘embedded’ in an African city neighborhood, have completed 5 units of training in ministry outreach, have soaked up culture and language, and have taken on teaching at the Teacher’s Training College (English, sports and computer), as well as teaching God’s Word and training students to be obedient followers of Christ. Just over six months to go! It’s our custom to celebrate the completion of each unit of study by going on a retreat. We just had a weekend together – exploring, playing, worshipping, reflecting over this past unit’s study, and just plain enjoying each other.

We recently received an email from our friends, the L..…’s They wrote:

“We are starting a new tradition in our home with our kids, and every Monday is going to be Missionary Monday. So, lucky you! You are our first missionaries that we prayed for in our weekly tradition. Our family went around the table tonight and talked about what we could be praying for this week for the Lyons in Tanzania. This is what the kids shared:

Luke (age 7): pray for their teaching the Bible; be able to teach the gospel;

Linnea (age 7): pray for their church to grow big, and be a strong church like ours; know their material that they are teaching;

Landon (age 5): have fun and be thankful;

Lailie (age 6): they can tell people about God specifically in a circle with a lot of people.”


We were so encouraged to hear about a family praying like this for us. It fits well with Psalm 65:5 (above). HE is our only hope! And that is why we pray! Please join them and us in praying for the following:

  • Pray for us: Don’t you love Landon’s request (above) that we would have fun and be thankful?! You’ve already read that we do well at celebrating special accomplishments in life, but pray that thankfulness for Jesus and the gifts He gives us will impact our relationships and all our daily living. Pray too that we will know how to best teach the Word – and also know how to best teach English.
  • Pray for our students at the Teacher Training College: They are starting to talk to each other about God’s Word and are inviting new students to the discipleship groups. Some have recently confessed putting their faith in Jesus. Pray that they will desire God above all else, that God will give them a longing to know Him through His Word and a desire to please Him in every way.
  • Pray for the teachers who are teaching in villages around Tanzania: They need boldness, creativity and wisdom in sharing the Gospel. Pray that they will intentionally live in a way that draws people to Jesus. The end-of-year retreat for all these teachers is in the planning stages. Pray that the logistics for the retreat will come together; ask God to make a way for these teachers to attend.
  • Pray for our TIMO Team: This last unit of study includes a “Month Out” – a month of shadowing another Christian worker in another ministry context. As they plan for this, pray for good communication and for open doors regarding ministries that will impact their thinking and their lives. Their remaining months also give wider opportunity for practical application of all they’ve studied so far. Ask God to open doors for fruitful ministry. Pray for good health for the team, and deepening joy and thankfulness.
  • Pray for Tanzania: on the 25th of this month elections for president will be held. The year of our arrival in this country marked Tanzania’s first multi-party election, but this year is actually the first time there has been a viable opposition candidate. No matter which way the election goes, there is a some possibility of the outcome triggering unrest and serious problems in the road ahead. Please pray for peaceful elections, that the church will be a positive influence during these days, and that God will give this country a new leader who is strong to go after righteousness and peace.

Thank you for praying for us!