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Mission Moment - Uganda

Jack Smith, World Venture, is winding up 30 years in Uganda.

He will be returning to Uganda from Washington/Oregon in February, and, still working with World Venture, and will be reclassified from career missionary to an International Resource Consultant. No retirement to the States, but continued ministry in the field.

On Feb. 11, he will start the new semester teaching at Makerere University, with over 36,000 students.  God has opened doors in ministry to university students, prisoners, and mental patients. High points in the past ministries include the birth and development of Kampala Evangelical School of Theology  (the first evangelical seminary in Uganda), mentoring and coaching students, starting the first "renewal group," appointment in 1995 to the Faculty of Medicine, and in 1997 appointment by the government to the National Mental Hospital as a lecturer and therapist. World Venture reports that in his past teaching and ministry roles he has taught students who are now key leaders in government offices, who in turn have helped open doors for other WorldVenture people just entering the country.  

Pray for Jack in this new phase of his on-going ministry.